E N F O R C E M E N T   AND   C O M P L I A N C E

TANC’s Program Development and Administration Activities

Working with all parts of ITA, the Office administers and develops the ITA Trade Agreements Compliance Program.

The Operations Team plans and develops the framework for cooperation among all ITA units, and conducts outreach to external Program stakeholders. The Operations Team also provides training for ITA staff on using internal resources.

The Operations team develops marketing and communication strategies and materials, as well as the technology tools (including social media) to support this critical ITA program. The Operations Team employs Its work also features use of the database application used to track ITA casework and provide good customer service to companies that have encountered foreign-government imposed trade barriers. The Operations Team also supports and to internal teams assisting them in overcoming these trade barriers.

TANC trade specialists also use the database to conduct data analysis and develop analytical reports on the nature and frequency of trade barriers for reports to stakeholders, such as Congress and Compliance Liaisons.

To support TANC’s Program Development and Administration work, interns may be assigned duties relating to that area. Click on the Program Operations link to view more information pertaining to those duties.

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