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Report a Barrier

Submit information on a foreign trade barrier or unfair trade practice you have encountered that is limiting your ability to export or compete internationally. Not sure if we can help you? There is a list of common trade problems that U.S. exporters have encountered and we have addressed.

View Trade Agreements

Search for, read or download the full text of about 250 U.S. trade agreements. This on-line database provides the public with information on agreements that are currently in force. Some agreements have accompanying Exporterís Guides.

TANC offers these agreements electronically as a public service for general reference. Contents of the texts of these agreements have been certified as complete and accurate by departmental specialists. However, for technical reasons to make the documents more user-friendly and searchable, it is not possible to provide authentic copies of these digital versions. Hard copies of agreements needed for legal purposes should be obtained from official archives maintained by the appropriate agency.

Note: The United States is party to agreements with countries that are the subject of U.S. legal restrictions on international trade activities. In pursuing international trade opportunities, note that U.S. law may, depending on the goods or services being exported, affect how and with whom such activities may be transacted, particularly with respect to export controls, restrictions on financial transactions, and investment restrictions. You should consult with legal counsel if you have any questions about these U.S. legal restrictions.

For more information on restrictions on international transactions see: Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Bureau of Industry and Security.

For an overall summary of sanctions issues see the State Departmentís page on trade restrictions.

Exporterís Guides

Use Exporterís guides as quick, plain language summarized explanations of individual trade agreements, who benefits, how they can help you, and where to go for more information.

Get Updates On Technical Regulation Changes

Receive updates on proposed foreign technical regulations that may affect your businesses. Link to NISTís Notify U.S. Service gives U.S. industry the opportunity to review and comment.

Research Your Country Market

Get information about foreign countriesí commercial, economic, and trade practices and policies. Also includes links to Global Procurement Opportunities.

Global Procurement Opportunities

Find information on foreign government and international procurement opportunities.

Bribery Complaints & Reports

Get reports on what the United States and other governments are doing to address the problem of international bribery or report a bribery complaint.

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Other Trade & Government Links

View additional government and trade web sites that are related to conducting international trade.

Trade Compliance News

Get up-to-date news on U.S. and foreign government practices, trade agreement negotiations, and other developments related to your access to foreign markets.

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China Business Information Center

Businesses can use the China Business Information Center to learn more about market opportunities or seek assistance in resolving trade problems with China.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights

Businesses can learn how to protect their intellectual property at home and abroad from the growing global trade in pirated and counterfeit goods.