E N F O R C E M E N T   AND   C O M P L I A N C E


The Trade Agreements Compliance Program is a partner of the ITA’s Strategic Partnership Program. Learn more here.

The Compliance Liaison (CL) Program focuses specifically on foreign government trade barriers and makes up the public/private partnership component of ITA’s Trade Agreements Compliance Program. The CL Program has representatives from Congress and the private sector. The liaison program allows the Program to gather information from the business community and Congress about existing barriers and potential trade agreements violations. At the same time, through outreach efforts, the Program seeks to educate U.S. trade associations and companies, and through Congressional Liaisons, Congressmen and their constituents, about rights and opportunities under U.S. trade agreements, helping companies to use these benefits to expand their exports and seeking evidence of compliance and market access problems. As part of the outreach effort, the Program also publicizes the resources it provides.

The CL Program is an excellent way to increase the flow of information between the public and private sector, and we welcome your participation as a partner organization. By becoming a partner, you allow us to better educate U.S. trade associations and companies about your rights and your opportunities under U.S. trade agreements.

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