E N F O R C E M E N T   AND   C O M P L I A N C E

Are you encountering corruption when you try to export, invest, or otherwise conduct business abroad?

Bribery of a public official, including a foreign official, is a crime under U.S. law. Bribery is also a crime under the laws of other countries.

  • Do public officials ask you for bribes in exchange for services, contracts, permits, licenses or other business you may have or would like to have with them?

  • Do you know whether your competitors are promising, offering or giving such bribes to public officials?

  • Are there any other situations related to corruption you would like to tell us about?

The United States and many of its trading partners have signed and ratified several international conventions devoted to combating bribery and corruption, including:

The text of these conventions, along with relevant reports, guides, and links, is provided as a public service. Further anti-corruption resources are provided by:

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