E N F O R C E M E N T   AND   C O M P L I A N C E

Are you facing excessive government requirements or other market access barriers to trade?

  • Are you experiencing difficulties exporting because of subsidized local products? Is the foreign market dominated by a domestic company or controlled by monopolistic business practices?

  • Is the country restricting your product based upon the percentage of foreign-origin content or of foreign ownership of the supplier or service provider?

  • Is the country restricting your product because of its components/ingredients, structural composition, or product design?

  • Is your product facing overly limiting or unreasonable shelf life restrictions in the foreign market?

  • Does a foreign country prohibit the importation of used or re-manufactured goods?

  • Is your ability to export affected by the way your goods are classified in a foreign market?

  • Are your foreign wholesalers, retailers, or customers having difficulty obtaining certifications, licenses, or other necessary approvals to sell/use your product in other countries?

  • Is a foreign country asking for your company to disclose proprietary product information before allowing your product to be imported or approved for sale?

  • Have customs duties on your product increased in a country?

  • Do you suffer from higher customs duties in a foreign market than your competitors? Are your exporting problems a result of the trade agreement benefits shared by other countries?

  • Are you encountering a problem with a State-owned or controlled enterprise?

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