E N F O R C E M E N T   AND   C O M P L I A N C E



210. Several members of the Working Party stressed that Chinese Taipei must undertake a substantial package of initial commitments in its Services Schedule with minimum exceptions from MFN treatment. Chinese Taipei engaged in market access negotiations on services with members of the WTO. The results of those negotiations are reproduced in Part II of Annex I to the Draft Protocol of Accession. The representative of Chinese Taipei agreed that Chinese Taipei would schedule its best offer on maritime services in the ongoing WTO negotiations on services in Geneva. He also stated that an enquiry point would be established as of the date of accession.

211. The representative of Chinese Taipei confirmed that MOTC would license additional facilities-based operators effective from July 2001; and, consistent with Chinese Taipei's commitments under the GATS, there would be no limitations on the numbers of licenses after Chinese Taipei becomes a member of the WTO. In addition, MOTC would deregulate international voice simple resale service from July 2001. From that time, market access to services-based competition would be fully open. The Working Party took note of these commitments.

212. Some members of the Working Party welcomed Chinese Taipei's commitment to permit attorneys of foreign legal affairs (AFLA) to establish a partnership with or employ a lawyer licensed in Chinese Taipei upon Chinese Taipei's accession to the WTO. They also noted that Chinese Taipei would grant AFLA status to all foreign lawyers who were employed in Chinese Taipei by the date of Chinese Taipei's accession and who complete a two-year employment period, in accordance with the "Regulation Concerning Chinese Taipei Lawyers' Employment of Foreigners and Administration" thereof. The cooperative arrangements between a Chinese Taipei lawyer and an AFLA would not constitute a violation of provision of Article 50 of the Lawyers' Law.

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