E N F O R C E M E N T   AND   C O M P L I A N C E

Side Letter on GATS Article 5

Washington, October 24, 2000

Dear Mr. Deputy Prime Minister:

In connection with the signing on this date of the Agreement on the Establishment of a Free Trade Area Between the Government of the United States of America and the government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (the "Agreement"), I have the honor to confirm the understanding reached by our Governments as follows:

With regard to Article V of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (" GATS"), as expressed in Article 1 of the Agreement, consistency with Article V of the GATS is the foundation of the commitments with regard to trade in services that both the United States and Jordan have undertaken.

I have the honor to further propose that this understanding be treated as an integral part of the Agreement. I would be grateful if you would confirm that this understanding is shared by your Government.


Charlene Barshefsky

United States Trade Representative

United States of America

His Excellency Mohammad Halaiqah

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

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