E N F O R C E M E N T   AND   C O M P L I A N C E

Madagascar Navigation and Commerce Treaty

French convention applicable to Madagascar:

By a note dated December 4, 1962, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Malagasy Republic informed the American Ambassador of the following (translation): "No official act specifies, in the agreements with the French Republic, the juridical position of the Malagasy Republic with regard to the rights and obligations contracted for Madagascar in the treaties, agreements, and conventions signed by France prior to Madagascar's accession to international sovereignty. In accordance with usage, the Malagasy Republic considers itself implicitly bound by such texts unless it explicitly denounces them. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs the Embassy of the United States of America that, in order to avoid any ambiguity, the Malagasy Republic transmits, as soon as it is in a position to reach an affirmative decision on each of the texts in questions, a formal declaration in which it declares itself bound by the Treaty, the Agreement or the Convention under consideration."

Convention of navigation and commerce between the United States and France, with separate article. 1 Signed at Washington June 24, 1822; extended to Madagascar in 1896. (8 Stat. 278; TS 87; 7 Bevans 822) Agreement modifying the provisions of article VII of the convention of navigation and commerce of June 24, 1822. Signed at Washington July 17, 1919; entered into force January 10, 1921. (41 Stat. 1723; TS 650; 7 Bevans 899)


1 Article VI abrogated by the United States July 1, 1916 in accordance with the Seamen's Act (38 Stat. 1164).

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