E N F O R C E M E N T   AND   C O M P L I A N C E

New Zealand's Laws Regulations and Requirements Relating to Oenological Practices

1 New Zealand laws, regulations and mechanisms concerning winemaking practices concentrate on health and safety aspects. As such, New Zealand does not limit by regulation wine-makers in their choice of oenological practices.

2 New Zealand's food standard system relating to labelling and composition is currently in a stage of transition. Until December 2002, wine makers can choose between three regulatory regimes for the composition and labelling of their wines but have to comply with the chosen regime in its entirety. These three regimes are: the joint Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the joint Code); the New Zealand Food Regulations 1984 (NZFRs); and the Australian Food Standards Code (AFSC).

3 The joint Code will replace the New Zealand Food Regulations and the AFSC in December 2002 and will become the key labelling and composition regime New Zealand wine makers will have to comply with.

4 The schedule below reflects the current transitional regime:

Laws and Treaties Relating to Oenological Practices

The Food Act 1981

The Agreement between the Government of New Zealand and the Government of Australia Establishing a System for the Development of Joint Food Standards@ (the Food Standards Treaty)$FILE/11-FOOD.pdf

Regulations and Standards Relating to Oenological Practices

The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (containing Volume 1, the old Australian Food Standards Code and Volume 2, the joint Code).

Vol 1

Vol 2

The New Zealand Food Standard 2001$FILE/NZFoodStd2001.pdf$FILE/NZFoodStd2001,Amt1.pdf$FILE/NZFoodStd2001Amt2.pdf

The New Zealand (Maximum Residue Limits of Agricultural Compounds) Mandatory Food Standard 1999.$FILE/nzmrlmfs1999.pdf$FILE/nzmrlmfs1999_amendment1.pdf$FILE/nzmrlmfs1999_amendment2.pdf$FILE/nzmrlmfs1999_amendment3.pdf$FILE/nzmrlmfs1999_amendment4.pdf$FILE/nzmrlmfs1999_amendment5.pdf$FILE/nzmrlmfs1999_amendment6.pdf

The New Zealand Food Regulations 1984 (NZFRs)

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