E N F O R C E M E N T   AND   C O M P L I A N C E

Are you facing barriers to trade in services (GATS)?

  • Are all relevant measures (including new and existing laws, regulations, rules, procedures, decisions and administration actions) pertaining to or affecting trade in your company's services published or made readily accessible?

  • Do you find registration requirements, licensing procedures, qualification requirements and procedures, and technical standards in a foreign market more burdensome for your company than for domestic service providers?

  • Are foreign laws administered in a reasonable and impartial manner? Do they discriminate against you as opposed to third party foreign service providers?

  • Has your company faced:

  • Quotas (direct access to labor)

  • Limitations on foreign capital participation

  • Limitations on the size or location of your establishment

  • Do you face restrictions in establishing or expanding a commercial presence (e.g., joint venture, branch, affiliate, representative office) to provide your service in a foreign market?

  • Do you experience foreign ownership limitations or limits on the number of company directors or managers in providing your service in overseas markets?

  • Do you face citizenship, nationality or residency requirements in providing your service in a foreign market?

  • Does your company experience limitations or restrictions on the temporary entry/mobility of key business personnel (including executives, managers and other skilled intercorporate transferees) in your business operations in foreign markets?

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